September 2018

Blue Asteroids, among the top 5 finalists of Challenge

In September 2018, Blue Asteroids succeeded in staying in the competition up to the final stage. Challenge was an incredible experience from which we had a lot of benefits. Our CEO, Alexandru Moloceniuc, was invited to Luxembourg to present our vision of Opening Deep Space for Education by enabling universities to explore the universe through their own deep space exploration missions. Challenge is part of the Space Exploration Masters, an international competition annually awarding the best business ideas providing concrete business opportunities to strengthen the benefits of Space Exploration to society with products and services.

Although we haven’t won the grand prize consisting of an ESA contract valued up to €500 000, we have built valuable connections through this opportunity and we have learnt about the possibility of extending our company’s operations in Luxembourg in the future.

Luxembourg Space Agency aims to Contribute to the Peaceful Exploration and Sustainable Utilization of Space Resources for the Benefit of Humankind.

Blue Asteroids is looking forward to collaborating with Luxembourg Space Agency on this matter, as Luxembourg offers many interesting opportunities for space startups from all over the world targeting space resources utilization and asteroid mining.