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Who are we?

We are a UK space startup providing Bespoke ERP Software & Space Intelligence Services.

Bespoke ERP Software

We are offering custom development services of Enterprise Resource Planning and Mission Management Software to space companies at an affordable price. Please contact us for more details and send your project requirements to get a free quote.

Space Intellience Portal

We are developing a friendly digital service that makes starting a space company EASY. Learn about space entrepreneurship, keep up to date with industry developments and funding opportunities, find partners/co-founders for your venture, plan your first space mission and keep track of your mission roadmap - all from one simple, online portal.

Launch Date: November 2020

Simulation Software for CubeSat Missions

We are planning on developing an Advanced Simulation Software for CubeSat Missions in LEO and Beyond, that can model multiple hardware systems and calculate the capabilities and optimal trajectory of a satellite based on your choice of hardware, starting orbit and mission objectives. It will help you decide upon the best CubeSat solutions available on the market, or help you showcase the unique capabilities of your system to your customers