Revolutionizing Space Technology
Mining Asteroids
Making Life Multiplanetary

Who are we?

We are a space startup aiming to mine asteroids for their natural resources and bring humanity closer to becoming a spacefaring civilization.

Our products

BLUE WONDER - the first Deep Space Exploration Spacecraft for Universities and a New Capability for Space Exploration

As of now, only the wealthiest countries can afford their own deep space exploration program, because the typical cost of this is around hundreds of millions of dollars. Blue Wonder will completely change the way deep space exploration is done, because it represents a solution affordable enough to enable hundreds of universities to research the Universe through their own missions.

Our company aims to give universities the opportunity to conduct scientific research on the same scale that governmental space agencies do and enable students to make a significant contribution to our understanding of the Universe.

Our values

Blue - Passion, Vision, Idealism, Creativity & Professionalism

Asteroids - Adventure

Exploration - Discovery

Technologies - Innovation